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Getting Hired

Teacher Placement Service

The Mississippi Teacher Center operates a job placement service that maintains a database of prospective teachers/administrators and district job vacancies. The goal of the placement services is to provide Mississippi school districts with a pool of certified prospective teachers. If you are seeking employment as a teacher or an administrator, you may enter your information to be reviewed by school district personnel by clicking the following link.


A monthly vacancy list is provided to prospective educators. Mississippi school district personnel are encouraged to report current vacancies to us each month. Click here to view the latest vacancy list.


Mississippi Career Fair for Educators

Check out next link for the times and dates of the Mississippi Career Fair for Educators event.


School District Websites and Local Teacher Career Fairs

Once certified, you may go directly to school districts, search for job openings, and fill out an application for employment online. Many of the Mississippi larger school districts conduct their own teacher career days. Check out this link.


Substitute Teaching

Substitute teaching is encouraged as it allows individuals to network while gaining an understanding of various schools, districts and subject areas. To obtain a substitute position in Mississippi individuals are required to complete an associate degree and pass a background check.


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